Wonderlands is strategic consultancy focused on elevating the implementation of Augmented Reality.


Balancing commercial and user needs we pride ourselves in creating immersive experiences that consider existing interaction layers while exploring new ones.


We believe in creating long-term value for the user, the industry, and society. Using a 360° approach, we explore external and intrinsic triggers and hooks considering all interaction facets within the experiential ecosystem.


We help our clients shape their augmented experiential scope by exploring augmented narratives, interaction tools, brand touch-points and experience creation.
Focusing on a user-centric development process, we develop unique tools and frameworks to work-out meaningful and sustainable solutions.
We provide bespoke Augmented Reality implementation strategy, experience design, application development, value creation workshops and sprinters, internal training and seminars.


With a multidisciplinary creative background, Galit Ariel is as a strategic thinker who has held leadership roles in design, branding, experiential, retail and education.


Galit has the ambition to “Make Reality Great Again,” by harnessing the most fascinating attribute of Augmented Reality – its ability to elevate our physical reality rather than providing an escape from it.


Galit is the author of ‘Augmenting Alice – The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality’ and was a keynote speaker at SXSW, The Next Web, Amsterdam Digital Dinner, Emerce and OnBrand conferences.


As a self-proclaimed digital hippie Galit’s book ‘Augmenting Alice’ [July 2017] focuses on present and future societal impact and value of Augmented Reality.


The book gives an introduction to Augmented Reality terminology and landscape as well as explores the side-effects of implementing Augmented Reality; and the manner in which Augmented Reality diffusion will redefine core concepts related to identity, privacy, experience, and ethics.


November 2017 – Ravensbourne University
Sandbox Worlds – Augmenting Spaces, Places and Experiences
Galit would be a guest of Ravensbourne’s Architecture Department & Research Office, speaking to MArch students and department guests on how would immersive technologies – and AR in particular – would evolve our interaction with (and within) our environment.
October 2017 – Digital Dinner
Speaking at the prestigious annual dinner of the Netherlands top digital agencies, Galit gave a talk titled ‘Let’s Get Physical’ – outlining the challenges and opportunities ahead of the digital content industry and professionals as they go through a reverse transformation from a digital experience within an online realm to a physical one.
October 2017 – OnBrand
During the OnBrand conference Galit Ariel talked about Reality 2.0 – poking the brains [and the reality] of the audience asking what happens when we use technology to [literally] upgrade our reality? Augmented reality is the platform that will help us achieve a true human-centric and human-driven interaction. Embedded into our physical realm and based on intuitive, cognitive and behavioral interaction–this groundbreaking platform will change everything we know about the human/cyber continuum.
October 2017 – Emerce E-Day
Galit gave a keynote at the Emerce E-Day conference about Augmented Reality and sustainable technology application.
September 2017 – Tower of London, London
Hosted by The Virtual_London on September 14th @ citizenM, Galit spoke about augmented storytelling.
July 2017 – Augmenting Alice
A digest of Galit’s research and insights looking at the social and cultural implication of Augmented Reality would be published this year. Stay tuned…
June 2017 – HOLLA event
Galit gave a talk about how Augmented Reality will become a part of our daily life at the HOLLA event. The event is organized by SuperHeroes creative agency and aimed at inspiring the creative crowd in Amsterdam.
May 2017 – The Next Web Conference
In her talk titled ‘Make Reality Great Again’ Galit discussed the path to apply augmented experiences via her ’12 Steps Plan for Sustainable Augmentation’, in order to indeed ‘Make Reality Great Again’ through Augmented Reality application.
March 2017 – SXSW17
As part of the Dutch innovation house, Galit gave a keynote looking at utopian and dystopian potential of Augmented Reality diffusion, at the SWSX17 conference.


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