Jun ‘18 Fifteen Seconds

Galit will be speaking at the Fifteen Seconds festival, Europe’s conference for curious minds, gathering 5000+ interdisciplinary thinkers. doers and visionaries.

Apr ’18 Augmented Identities

‘The Augmented Self’ is the last of three sessions Wondarlands co-curated by Wondarlands, zooming-in on applied integration of Augmented Reality.

Mar ’18 Dutch Embassy Tokyo

Galit was invited to give a talk about immersive futures to young entepreneurs in Tokyo.

Mar ‘18 Good News

Slush keynote ‘How to make terrible AR (in a few easy steps)’ described as “one of the more captivating and thought-provoking presentations of the two-day event”. READ

Mar ‘18 Let's get physical!

A piece Galit wrote about why Augmented Reality will drive meaningful brand engagement published on Digital Marketing, Bdaily and Marketing Industry News.

Mar ’18 Funny as Tech

Who doesn’t want to listen to how AR can change the world?  Straight from the NYC, an interview with ‘Funny as tech’, chatting about AR, VR and tech ethics.  LISTEN HERE.