Sep ‘18 Gather Festival

Gather festival in Stockholm mixes music, tech, innovation and social issues. Galit will be on stage talking about alternative realities.

Sep ’18 Techfestival

At the Copenhagen Techfestival, Galit will be hosting the w00dstock summit – a full day workshop exploring how can we use tech to better the human experience (Instead of overriding nature, society & our sense of self…) ?

Sep ’18 THE conference

Selected to speak in one of the most prestigious tech conference, a two-day exploration of human behaviour, new technology and how to make things happen.
Galit will be on stage exploring notions of reality, realness and how we will build future identities.

Jun ‘18 Fifteen Seconds

Galit will be speaking at the Fifteen Seconds festival, Europe’s conference for curious minds, gathering 5000+ interdisciplinary thinkers. doers and visionaries.

May ’18 IVPRA Tokyo

In her talk ‘Augmented Filmmaking – embedded narratives and experiential environments’, Galit will look at the potential of such new blended medium and narrative and share guidelines for creating, directing and navigating immersive storytelling.

Apr ’18 Augmented Identities

‘The Augmented Self’ is the last of three sessions Wondarlands co-curated by Wondarlands, zooming-in on applied integration of Augmented Reality.