Oct '17 OnBrand

‘Reality 2.0’ keynote presented in the OnBrand conference. Questioning – what happens when we use technology to [literally] upgrade our reality?

Oct ‘17 Emerce eDay

Talking about ‘Wonderlands Within Reach’ at the Emerce eDay conference. Discussing Augmented Reality within an ethical scope and a long-term strategy of the technology’s application..

Sep ‘17 The Virtual

Speaker in ‘The Virtual_London’ Meetup, Galit spoke about interactive storytelling and how AR will shift its scope.


Galit’s book ‘Augmenting Alice : The Future of Identity, Experience and Reality’ is launched.

June ‘17 HOLLA Event

Galit gave a talk about how Augmented Reality will become a part of our daily life at the HOLLA event. The event is organized by SuperHeroes creative agency and aimed at inspiring the creative crowd in Amsterdam.

May ‘17 TNW conference

Galit’s keynote, titled ‘Make Reality Great Again’, Headlining the second day of The Next Web 2017 conference, focused on the path to create great augmented experiences.